Roots to wellbeing helps you evidence your investment in your school’s positive emotional wellbeing culture
1 in 4 students say the reason they did not go into school, college or university was because they were worried what other people would say and 15% of people experienced bullying as a result of mental health problems.

Behavioural health resources for pupils, staff and individuals.

Interactive mentoring: short webinar sessions teach simple concepts and strategies that users can understand and immediately apply.
Personalised sessions: regular exercises and activities are offered to the user based on profile settings, enabling a unique experience tailored to their individual need
Anytime, anywhere: Roots is open to users 24/7, wherever they are, providing in-the-moment support when they need it most.

Help is hard to ask for. Creating lots of different routes to the support available to your school community, complimented by the instant support from our certificated practitioners via the app can create a resilient, well-balanced school population with a positive attitude to mental health.

For Pupils

For Staff