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Welcome to MindSculpt

the key to unlocking your child's full potential; together let's help them to thrive and be the very best versions of themselves.

Meet Jane Kilpatrick

Expert Family & Teen Coach

Jane is the visionary founder behind MindSculpt and The MindSculpt Academy. With a mission to empower and inspire young people, Jane is dedicated to helping them unlock their full potential and become the best versions of themselves. Through her innovative programs and personalised approach, Jane guides and supports children and teens on their journey toward a future filled with happiness and success.


Jane's passion extends beyond just empowering young minds. She is deeply committed to providing parenting support and with her expertise and guidance, the entire family flourish together.

In Jane, my daughter has found someone to talk to who's not a peer or a parent. Jane gives new perspectives and practical tools. My daughter leaves every session lighter and happier and ready to tackle the world with more self belief than before. I highly recommend Jane.

- Year 8 Parent 

Thanks to you, A has coped really well with her GCSEs. You totally transformed her view on it all and she used all the strategies you advised. I'm so grateful to you. Thank you, you made a massive difference.

- Year 11 Parent

Jane has a very caring way and was a fantastic support for my son at a very difficult time, I cannot recommend her enough.

- Y6 Parent

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Give your teen the gift of a lifetime:  Invest in their future today!

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